I Am Twenty-Four

I am now officially in my mid-twenties.

How depressing.

You can see it too, all the years etched into my pruned face. My hunched back, my raspy voice, my shaking fingers. Come close and you can sense the aura of a lifetime, the stench of oncoming death. If you look into my eyes, you would feel the weight of hard experience and the terrible wisdom that comes with it.

Or not.

Look, I’m not that old. I’ve only lived roughly a fourth of my life! Maybe even less, given the medical advances we’ve made as a society. And bitter people often seem to live longer lives, so if you add another few decades, I’m probably only a tenth of the way until I reach the sweet embrace of death.

That does not mean that being 24 doesn’t have it’s advantages though. For example, I now have almost a full year of experience of the world after graduation, which means that I can start saying things that sound vaguely wise, but don’t really mean anything if you really think about it.

“Every moment of your life is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll never be again.”

“How is it an existential crisis if I don’t exist?”

“Life is like a box of condoms. You keep it just in case you get lucky someday.”

And other such things.

All jokes aside though, I’m happy to be 24. This birthday gives me a chance to reflect on how I got to where I am now and what I am going to do to move forward. I do think that this is a crucial time in my life, even if I do grow to be 200 years old, so I might as well be somewhat thoughtful about it.

Or I could just be happy I’m not taking a final on my birthday this year.

Either way, thank you everyone for the love you’ve shown me today. I truly am grateful despite my snarky comments. What is life without friends?

Until next time!

Throwback to when I was completely oblivious.

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