The Appeal of K-Dramas

Korean dramas, commonly called K-dramas, are extremely popular, even finding large audiences outside of Korea. For those who are still out of the loop, they are Korean TV shows that are generally sappy love stories with the occasional body-switching and mythological fox-people thrown in for some added drama. Also, nearly everyone, except for the few comic relief characters who are almost certainly overweight, are remarkably attractive. Even the bad guys.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am not a huge fan of K-dramas. Here’s why.
1. The social messages they spread.
One example is the fat comic relief character. They are generally extremely one-dimensional in that they have no life other than being unconditionally supportive of their hotter friends with their endless romantic problems, all while constantly moaning about being hungry and making other such fat jokes.
There are other issues, like the misogynistic undertones or the acceptance of creepily stalking someone, but then this would get too long.
2. The acting is horrendous.
Some of the shows are able to get a major movie star to be in one of the leading roles and that person is usually fine. Unfortunately, almost everyone else is painful to watch. I mean, look, I get that these shows cast the up and coming celebrities in order to boost viewership, but I still think that they should have some amount of acting ability. Even my dad is better at acting; I could hardly see his disappointment when I said I wanted to be a writer instead of a doctor.
3. The writing. Oh god, the writing.
Seriously, who writes these scripts? Okay, I get that it’s supposed to be melodramatic, but does it have to be so damn predictable? The crush walking in at the most inconvenient time, the multiple cancer patients, the car crashes, and all the other cliches. I suppose it’s difficult to write a sappy love story without these cliches, but still. At least try.

All that being said…I get it. It’s addicting. I’m not sure why, but it is. Maybe it’s because people love the idea of true, undying love and want to believe in happy endings. Maybe it’s because they believe their lives are boring and wish to live vicariously through a highly unlikely TV show. Or maybe they just want to watch hot people banter with, beat up, and bang other hot people. Probably all of the above.

The one thing I am sure about though, is that people love drama and the dumber it is, the better. Isn’t that why Jersey Shore was so popular? Or Keeping up with the Kardashians? Reality shows are like the K-dramas of the United States. As long as it doesn’t affect their own lives, most people eat drama up. You would be devastated if you found out your best friend turned out to be the one spreading rumors about you having a third testicle. But if you heard that your aunt slapped your cousin’s boyfriend across the face with kimchi, you’d be getting out the popcorn.

‘Cause that is hilarious.


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