The Follow Through

If you know remotely anything about basketball, you would know that Steph Curry is on fire right now. I’m talking about third degree burns all over his body, in need of urgent medical attention amounts of fire. We need to blast him with a fire hose to extinguish this blazing inferno.

To be clear, the fire hoses are because Steph Curry is on fire, not because he’s black. He’s like half Cuban anyways. You racist prick.

…you should know what I mean by now.

I know very little about basketball, but when I watch Steph Curry shoot a 3-pointer, I know I’m seeing something beautiful. The way the ball flows out of his hands is remarkably graceful and staggeringly accurate to boot. After pondering why that is for many ponderous hours, I finally looked it up on the internet and read exactly one article and it said that it was unequivocally all about “the follow through.” I have accepted it as truth.

In actuality, the follow through is considered the most important aspect in many sports. For example, I’m sure Serena Williams has a killer tennis follow through after a solid tennis swing that would win her a whole tennis point. Babe Ruth’s follow throughs and performance enhancing drugs probably got him all of those home runs. And Tiger Woods definitely always followed through on his golf swing, even if he didn’t on his marriage vows.

Just watch Steph Curry. Right after the ball leaves his fingertips, he pulls his hand downwards so that it looks like the head of a dead swan. All graceful and floppy. That’s his follow through and that’s how he’s on fire.

The reason I’m saying all of this is because I almost didn’t follow through today. That’s right, the day after I write this big speech about it being my year and how I’m going to kick ass and how amazing I am, I almost decided against writing a blog post. I actually stopped writing this post 3 times in order to cut my nails. That’s how resistant I was to following through on the resolution I made yesterday.

(To be clear, I didn’t trim all of my nails 3 times. I wrote a bit, cut the nails on my left hand, wrote some more, cut the nails on my left foot because I like the way it makes me feel uneven, wrote another paragraph, and then cut the rest of my nails. Now that I’ve written it out, I’m not sure which one is weirder.)

I’m somewhat disappointed in myself for resisting so much. But then again, I wrote this, didn’t I? After all, Steph Curry didn’t spontaneously combust one morning to become the greatest shooter in NBA history; it took years of practice. I just have to keep at it. Practice, practice, practice. Write every day, even when I don’t want to. Especially when I don’t want to. Follow through.

And then maybe someday, I’ll have my own dead swan hand.


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