The Island of Love

Hola! Como estas?

Aaaand that’s the extent of my Spanish. I’m slowly picking up more phrases, but whenever I try to practice on someone, I suddenly raise my shoulders a little bit, make a face like I’m slightly constipated, and then talk in a horrendously stereotypical accent. My excuse is that I’m trying to imitate the pronunciation of native Spanish-speakers, but it probably seems like I’m mocking them.

Maybe I’m just racist.

Whatever, everyone here thinks I’m a chino anyways.

Oh, where’s “here,” you ask? Ahem. Grab onto your butts.

Welcome, to Jurassic Pa—

Shit, wait. I mean:

Welcome, to the Galapagos Islands.

Tell me that's not a dinosaur.
Tell me that’s not a dinosaur.

Yup, we’re finally here! Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to explore too much of it yet, but from what I’ve seen, Galapagos is simply gorgeous. I feel like I could just spend entire days just staring at the flora and fauna. In fact, I think many people come here to do just that.

And yes, I have to say flora and fauna instead of plants and animals. Galapagos brings out the poetic side of me. In fact, I composed a short poem. A haiku, if you will.

The Galapagos,

the birth of a bromance like

of these iguanas.



As you can see, Chan and I didn’t do much today except go to the beach called Tortuga Bay. (Insert Pirates of the Caribbean reference here.) At the risk of sounding repetitive, it was one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever been to. Soft white sand, clear warm waters, the occasional shark and pelican, etc. I don’t even care that I got sunburned.

We couldn't take a picture of the shark because it was too fast and underwater. Here's a crab.
We couldn’t take a picture of the shark because it was too fast and underwater. Here’s a crab.
We couldn’t take a picture of the pelican because we’re dumb. Here’s a picture of a…finch? A bird.
Here’s a cactus tree.
A little tree island.
A little tree island.



Totally not flexing.

He's totally flexing.
He’s totally flexing.

After a few hours at the beach, we headed back to our hostel. We were able to find it relatively easily compared to when we first arrived here in Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz. As the most populous town of the Galapagos Islands, it was difficult navigating the streets at first as there are practically no signs. My no hablo espanol didn’t help at all. But thankfully, Chan has a masterful grasp of high school Spanish and was able to ask enough people to eventually lead us to the right place.

Chan wants me to mention that without him, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. That’s not completely true. I know how to ask for the bathroom. So I would never be pissing my pants in Ecuador.

But yeah, other than that, I’m pretty helpless without his Spanish. He even bargained down the taxi fare. It’s weird seeing him being competent at something. No offense.

Anyways, that’s it for today. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting the Charles Darwin center and possibly going snorkeling. I just taught Chan how to swim today, so we’ll see how that goes.

Another day, another dose of Will.


…seriously, I’ll have a cool catchphrase someday. Just you wait.


P.S. Due to terrible internet, it takes 5 minutes to upload each picture, which is why there aren’t that many here. I’ll try to upload more when I have time. Sorry, guys.

Edit: I added more pictures!


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