Heavy Breathing and Sore Muscles

That title just sounds sexual because you have a dirty mind.

Hey guys! So like I promised, I’ll be able to show you more of Quito while also making inane, inappropriate comments about random things. You know you enjoy them.

I’ll start with the first day we got here. We didn’t really have much planned because we planned to meet up with our fellow Boston College students, self-proclaimed-ratchet-queen, Nicole Chang and kind-of-knew-who-she-was-but-never-officially-met-her, Sarah Chung. They asked to meet at the mall near their school which is outside of Quito and not really knowing anything, we agreed. We got a breakfast of delicious empanados and started walking.

Our hostel owners also run an empanadas restaurant downstairs. They’re huge! Kind of like my…ego.
We walked down towards the center of the city and then realized that to walk all the way to our meet up place probably would take us roughly a fuckton of hours. We took a cab instead.

When we finally met up, Chan and I got lunch from a place that is just casually racist, but pretty good grub.

Apparently it’s a chain as well. Awesome.
At least in the United States there aren’t such blatantly racist caricatures in major franchises anymore.

Oh wait.
Oh wait.

Anyways, Nicole and Sarah gave us some quality advice about traveling in Quito, such as staying off the streets at night and not eating diarrhea-inducing street food. We appreciated the advice and then promptly ignored it. Call us rebels. We walked around at night both yesterday and today and didn’t get mugged once. And the street food here actually tasted pretty damn good.

On a completely unrelated note, generic toilet paper is the worst. I feel like places that are already sensitive just get rubbed raw. Especially when you have to use it over and over in the span of two hours. It’s a general complaint. Just saying.

Anyways, we headed back to Quito after that meeting and explored the historical district a little bit. Specifically, we went into La Compañía, the Jesuit church because we’re BC students and I felt like we should pay our respects.

The plaza at the center of the historical district.
The plaza at the center of the historical district.

The inside of La Compañía. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I sneaked this one. Call me a rebel.
Let me tell you, Jesuits are fucking rich. Everything was either gold, gold leaf, or covered in gold paint. It was as if the builders of the place kidnapped King Midas, shut him in the church for a good three days or so, and then let him go while preaching about the value of service. And then added pews.

We were too late to go into the Basilica, so we just explored the city, away from the touristy places. Quito is quite beautiful.

IMG_1871 IMG_20150228_171012732_HDR

IMG_20150228_180941056_HDR IMG_20150228_181333364 IMG_1835 IMG_1836


We got back to our hostel, washed up, and went out for the aforementioned street food. Shit was bomb. (Heh.)

Afterwards, we hung out on the rooftop of our hostel. It has an amazing view, which you can now see in better quality.

Chillin' after a long day.
Chillin’ after a long day.


Okay, so you know how Quito is the highest official capital city in the world, being 9,350 feet above sea level? Well, it’s also surrounded by volcanoes that are even higher. We decided to climb one.

Well, to be fair, I wanted to. Chan was against it at first.

Disregard the fact that we already had had a little trouble breathing while walking around Quito because of the altitude. Disregard the fact that we didn’t bring any snacks or clothes for the cold weather at the top. Disregard the fact that we didn’t know it would take us three hours to reach the top and three hours to get back. We thought we could do it regardless.

You can just feel his longing to be off the mountain.
Me, foolishly unaware of the failure that is to come.
Llama looking at us with disdain.
Dejected walk back down.
Dog. Because dog.

We got a good third of the way there. Oh well. Maybe next time.

After that unfortunate endeavor, we went to climb to the top of the Basilica. It was significantly easier.

From the bottom.
Scary anteater gargoyles.
Inside the basilica.
Beautiful stained glass windows.
Beautiful person. Plus background.
View of the city from the top of the basilica.


It was beautiful to say the least.

And now, I need to go to bed because I have a flight to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow morning. I’ll keep y’all updated. Although, I’m not sure about the internet situation there. Try not to miss me too much.

Oh, and send me some double-ply toilet paper if you can. Thanks.


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